Outdoor Skating Rules

All skaters using the facility and rinks must have this year’s EFCL skating tags clearly visible on their immediate person. (free with community league membership)

  • No admittance to anyone on the ice without skates.
  • The use of offensive language and/or behaviour is prohibited.
  • All skaters under the age of twelve must be supervised by someone age sixteen or older.
  • No hockey play is allowed on the public oval.
  • Minors under the age of eighteen may not play on the large hockey ice without a CSA approved hockey helmet.
  • The rinks are closed when weather is above -2°C or below -20°C.
  • Anyone caught vandalizing the facility will be banned from the facility and charged.
  • Anyone banned from the facility and caught here, will be charged with trespass.

All infraction of the rules will be dealt with in the manner the facility manager deems fit. We hope you enjoy your time here. Please help keep the facility clean by depositing your waste in the receptacles provided!

Thank you for your co-operation.

Rink Calendar
Use this calendar to find out what is happening with the Rinks.  It lists who is scheduled to clear snow and flood the ice and is used by local schools to book time on the ice.


Hours of Operation

The rink will not be staffed at regular hours this year.  The rink will be closed after 9:00 pm to allow volunteers to clear snow in preparation for flooding.  If you are skating and can spare 20 minutes at 9:00 pm to help clear snow it would be greatly appreciated!

We do ask that you keep off the ice when the weather is extremely cold (below -19°C) or warm (above -2°C).  At these times, use of the skating facilities is deemed to be a hazard to the safety of the skaters.