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Family Fun Night

Family Fun Nights are back! Join us for an evening of FREE family friendly fun at the hall the first Friday of each month. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult. RSVPs are appreciated to so we can have enough food and supplies on hand. February 5 - Make your own Pizza and chocolate making

March 4 - TBA

April 8- TBA

May 6- TBA

June 3- Year end BBQ and Potluck

Rink Update

Rink Update

Our rinks are currently closed due to warmer temperatures.  Please stay off the ice when temps are over -2.  This will protect the ice so everyone can enjoy it when safe to do so.  For more info email or follow us on Facebook

Winter Carnival

RGCL Winter Carnival 2016

Recent Break-in Attempts

In the past several weeks, there have been reports of people attempting to break-in to houses and cars in the area.  Many have been scared off by dogs and alert residents.  Please make sure your property is secure and take precautions in home security.

Upcomming events and programs at the Hall

EXA Playshop-Fall015
Healing Spirit Doll PLAYshop-Oct18

Big Bin and Pancake Breakfast

June 20th Neighbourhood Pancake Breakfast in conjunction with our BIg Bin Day on June 20th.  FREE Pancake Breakfast will be served from 9 to 11:30am.  Bring the Family!  Bins will be available for dumping from 9am
to 2pm
 (or until they are full).  Please be prepared to show your community league membership for dumping. 2014/15 Membership sales will be available on
 site for those who have not yet purchased their membership.  Wondering what you can put in the bin? Old furniture, tools, yard debris, construction debris, scrap metal, house and garage waste,

Please No-Solvents, chemicals, oils, toxic materials, paints, spray cans, flammable liquids, explosives, oil drums, oil tanks, Freon, tires, batteries, fridges, freezers, pressurized tanks, food items & carcasses. Shingles or cement

One Family Fun Night Left!!!

Friday, June 5th is the next family fun night.  The pizza night in May was well attend and lots of creative pizzas were fabricated.  Come on out, they are a fun time!

New Executive

A new executive was voted in tonight, we welcome Nadir Bellahmer as the new president, and MacKenzie Cooper as the vice-president.  The remainder of the excellent board remains on for another year!

Summer Camps 2015

Royal Gardens will be hosting the following summer registered camp:  

July 13 – July 17    9:00 – 4:00 X-Treme Action Camp, ages 9-12      

The city summer registered camp guide will be out in March, with registrations starting April 28th

Car Rally

May 23 Annual Car Rally/Scavenger Hunt.  Tickets are selling quickly so be sure and get yours now.  Your 35.00 ticket (30.00 for members) incudes an evening of fun, catered dinner, live band, and dancing the night away right in your own neighbourhood.  This year's theme is out of this world!  Costumes strongly encouraged as is a donation to the food bank.  Form your team and email or call now for your tickets.  Ticket Deadline is May 10th

Rink Update from Len

Sad News.......................

.............about our rinks.

The last two days have made the north side of the oval unskateable. This part of the oval has melted to the stage it was after the 2 week warm spell in January. In addition, the next 7 days of the forecast has 5 days of above zero for a daily high. 

The large rink still has 2 inches of snow from last week. This is insulating the ice, such as it is, for the time being. This surface will also deteriorate in the next week.

So, for now the rinks are closed.  We shall see if the weather will allow us to get them going again for the last part of this up-and-down winter.

March Presidents message

Hello fellow Royal Garden residents,

I first joined the community league to meet people in the neighbourhood and to give back to this great community.  Over the past 6 years I have had the pleasure of working and socializing with many wonderful people on the grass strip, on the soccer field and at the community league hall.

The AGM is Monday, April 13.  I will be stepping down from the president role and Nadir will step into the role.  The league will continue to grow under Nadir’s direction and positive vibe, and he has some exciting plans for the space currently occupied by the tennis courts.  

I would like to send out a huge thank you to the community members that I have worked with over the past several years:

  • Joelle – we could not do it without your ultra organizational skills and dedication in running and planning events and in the hall rentals. 
  • Russ – thank you for your pragmatism and continuing work with the hall maintenance. 
  • Nadir – incoming president, always full of energy and vitality!
  • Len – Chief ice maker and a voice of reason.
  • Will – past grapevine editor and a great source of new and crazy ideas.
  • Jen – past treasurer and helping out wherever possible.
  • Pat – for making sure the hall renovation contractors are doing their job!
  • Esther – thanks for all your support and wisdom in accounting and with the hall rehabilitation project.
  • Amber – nothing can compare to your youthful enthusiasm for the Haunted House!
  • Janna – for keeping us all in line with the meeting notes, often emailed within 5 minutes after the meeting adjourns!
  • Roxann – for guiding us through the difficult but necessary changes to the Grapevine, it just keeps on getting better.
  • Mike – Casino coordinator, lots of work at casino time, couldn’t do it without you.
  • Michael – City of Edmonton representative, thanks for the updates and advice.
  • Grant – SWAC representative, for providing us with a view of the bigger picture.

Furthermore, it has been great to get to know community members through the various events, league executive members, the soccer program and the dedicated ice rink crew.  And the people that helped me out when I was first starting with the league and have since passed on the torch; Nancy and Paul, Brenda and John, thank you for your past contributions and words of wisdom.

And finally, my lovely and understanding wife, Lorann.  Thanks you for your support and understanding, and for taking on the membership director role.

Please come out to the AGM and meet some of the people in your community.  We are always looking for fresh faces and ideas, and help in running this great community league.

Bob Christian

Spaghetti Dinner

rgcl spaghetti dinner poster 2015

Winter Carnival

RGCL Winter Carnival 2015

Family Fun Night

RGCL Family Fun Night

Community Swim Update

Millwoods Rec Centre will be the alternative for Royal Gardens Community League members’  free swim on Saturday afternoons from 2pm-3:30pm for the duration of Confederation Pool’s maintenance.  We apologize in the delay in getting this information out to you.

Soccer Program

We are attempting to revive the Soccer program.  We are teaming up with Aspen Gardens, Greenfield and Duggan communities and hiring a soccer administrator to handle many of the duties normally associated with the Soccer Director within each community.  We still need volunteers, especially a Soccer Coordinator to manage the process.  This position is a much smaller commitment that it has been in the past.  If you are capable and interested in volunteering, please contact Bob Christian at  

The future of Soccer teams with the Royal Gardens name depends on finding volunteers to help run our program!

Volunteers needed!

I know people are busy.  I know people work odd shifts and do not want to commit.  I have heard all sorts of reasons.  However, I also know that people like having the outdoor rink, and like to live in a vibrant community, with lots of activities for them and their families.

Do achieve these goals, we need volunteers.  It takes many hands to get the rinks set up and keep them open through the winter.  We have a dedicated but small team, but we need help.  A couple years ago, I spoke with many people that were upset that we did not open the rinks.  There is a demand, but we cannot rely on the same people over and over again to keep it going.  If you can spare some time through the winter, please contact me ( to see how you can help!

On the same topic, we have a tighter timeline for setting up and taking down the Haunted House this year.  If you can help with the setup between October 14 and 23, or helping run the haunted house from October 24 to November 1 please contact Amber.  Then of course we need to dissasemble in the first 4 days of November.  We have secured over $2,000 in donations from local businesses, please come out and get involved!

If you can help with the haunted house, even for a couple hours, please contact Amber Petersen at


Bob Christian

Community Swim at Confederation Pool


The contract has been signed and delivered.  I am still not sure where the communication breakdown occured, but the end result is the swim will be open to Royal Gardens community league members once again this weekend.



Hello all, 

It appears that several people have been turned away from the community swim this weekend.  Despite what you may have heard, we ARE paying our bills and we ARE intending to continue the program.  

At this point I do not know what is happening, as all of my contacts at the city are home for the weekend.  I will sort this out with the city and hopefully have the community swim back up by next weekend.  

As an aside Greenfield is also having issues, and are not being allowed into the pool as of yesterday.  


Bob Christian

Haunted House - Volunteers requested

We are gearing up to once again host our annual Haunted House.  This year it will be even bigger than last year, and will be held in the large hall instead of the small hall.  If you have the time and the desire to help set up or help run the event, please contact Amber at the facebook or twitter sites listed at the bottom of this entry.

The final Volunteer Schedule will be released soon.  We will need help with stud wall construction starting on October 4.  We gain access to the hall on October 13, and we will need 15 volunteers each night from the 13th to the 23rd.

When the Haunted House is open, we will need volunteers to play various roles, either scaring withing the house or in crowd control and ticket sales outside the house.

Hours of Operation  

o Oct 24 (Fri) 7-10pm

o Oct 25 (Sat) 7-10pm

o Oct 26 (Sun) 7-10pm

o Oct 30 (Thurs) 7-10pm

o Oct 31 (Fri) 6-10pm

o Nov 1 (Sat)  7-10pm



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