Remember that all positions on the board are volunteer positions.  We all have jobs and families outside of our responsibilities at the Community League, so we may not respond immediately.

Position Name Email Phone
President Nadir Bellahmer rgcl.vpresident@gmail.com 780-952-9495
Vice President MacKenzie Cooper rgcl.vpresident@gmail.com 780-439-9115
Past President Bob Christian rgcl.past.president@gmail.com 780-989-0522
Treasurer --Vacant--
Secretary Janna Trace rgcl.secretary@gmail.com 780-439-9115
Hall Maintenance Russ Whitehead 780-438-0070
Hall Rentals Joelle Brennan rgcl.hallrental@gmail.com 780-328-0745
Membership Pat Ferguson rgcl.membership.director@gmail.com 780-634-6653
Grapevine (Newsletter) Roxann Vaos rgcl.grapevine@gmail.com
Social Director Joelle Brennan rgcl.social.director@gmail.com 780-328-0745
Program Coordinator --Vacant--
Soccer Director —-Vacant— rgcl.soccer@gmail.com
Rink Manager Amber Petersen rgcl.rinkmanager@gmail.com 780-709-7383
Youth Committee --Vacant--
Casino Chair Mike Costanzo 780-436-3261
Ladies Fitness Sharon Humphries 780-434-0516
Community Coordinator Michael Goth Michael.goth@edmonton.ca 780-944-5404
SWAC Representative Grant Gordon 780-435-9231
WebMaster Bob Christian rgcl.webmaster@gmail.com 780-989-0522
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